Jorge Gurgel on DVD?


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Apr 17, 2005
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Does anyone know if Jorge Gurgel has made any instructional DVD's? It seems like everyone has one out these days, but I don't know where to look besides the Sherdog store (I didn't see it there).

I'm also interested in finding some of his recent fights on DVD - KOTC Payback and Extreme Challenge 56 - but can't locate those either. Have they even been released yet?

Although Jorge hasn't had a great showing yet in the UFC due to injury, I look for him to make a big impact as soon as he recovers. I'd like to catch up on some of his history until then.
I don't believe Extreme Challenge events are put out on DVD. And I checked sherdog,, and budovideos, and couldn't find KOTC Payback, so I guess its not out yet.
Jorge doesnt have any instructionals out.

I've got his fight in KOTC against Jay Ireland on my other comp but its broken otherwise I would have uploaded it for you. I'm sure other ppl would agree with me when I say it was one hell of a fight!
There is something floating around the internet with Franklin and Jorge in it about dirty boxing.
I dont know of one now, but I would not be supprised if we see one soon. Trying to ride the TUF wave as much a possible.