jones proved he isnt the best

Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by jiujitsuforever, Sep 21, 2013.

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    Jones has beaten all the guys pretty dominantly..before gus. Gus proved to me that a guy with equal size can take jones to a razor close fight, and although i feel jones won because he was the champ and usually to beat the champ you have to be pretty clear, he did still win. I have the same feeling i had when chael beat silva's ass the first time before silva subbed him, silva was not the best in the world, and i already felt gsp was still the best, but now because of jones win over gus its clear he isnt the best. If he cant have size advantage he isnt great, hes good, not great. GSP dominates his opponents all over and his only moment of a scare in years was carlos's kick and then gsp dominanted him. Jones in my opinion lost to gus, who only had one top win, which was over a wayyy out of prime shogun, so jones clearly is not only not the best in the world, but i feel if he moves to heavyweight and fights more guys his size he will lose badly. Jones is extremely lucky that tdd doesnt count as much as it should or else he would have lost that fight badly. Jones is an amazing fighter, but he isnt the best in the world, and hasnt been.

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