Jones beat Reyes, but is he creepy?

Discussion in 'The Lightweights' started by EatMyShorts, Feb 9, 2020.

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    Jones is the champ, no doubt. Delivers, best LHW of all time.

    Damn DAYUM he's creepy.

    At the weigh ins, he's looking to the side like 9/11 is happening 4 blocks away, but he pushes his body right up to Reyes - like he's trying to be passive aggressive, but show him who's daddy at the same time.

    Part of his personality I guess, part of what makes him great - but also..... creepy.

    You can sense his temperament in the fight being just the same - and really that's what won him the fight.
    He didn't "hurt" his opponent more, at all - he just asserted himself, pushed his opponent back, fought through the fatigue like it was 2nd nature.

    In an mma scored fight - meh.
    But if that was a street fight with no time limits, no way Jones could not be thought of as the winner.

    CLEAR winner.

    He plays a very subtle mental game; not one that he even has to think about cause, it's what he is.
    It's his character.

    Same as McGregor - people ramble on about "mental warfare" - it's just his character coming into play.
    Not premeditated, not thought out or contrived.

    Funny thing is - rivalry with Cormier - Cormier is an absolute "daddy" also.
    It's no wonder to me they had the rivalry that they did.
    One trying to be the more assertive "daddy" than the other - it's just Jones puts a more subtle passive-aggressive spin on it.

    My honest thoughts are, until someone with a stronger character comes along that can handle the passive-aggressive creepy but domineering factor - no one's gonna beat a fit and prime Jones.

    Stipe beat Cormier when he slipped and slid underneath - but for all the domineering bullshinanignas, we all know Jones won't fight a heavyweight.

    Bottom line is, an outstanding champion, but can never be mainstream - cause creepy just ain't sexy.

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    Aug 31, 2009
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    Clap shack
    Jon is too Subtle. He needs to step it up to be GOAT.

  3. Lulzy White Belt

    Sep 16, 2019
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    The real question is; whose left for Jones at 205? Corey Anderson/Jan?

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