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Discussion in 'UFC Discussion' started by Exemplar, Sep 22, 2013.

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    A great fight. I think a lot of us learned about each fighter, mostly the champ. After big fights like this, these boards light-up with so many tantrums and arguments based upon who should have won and what other pros said versus media, etc...

    How about a discussion on where each fighter can improve. Here are a couple things I saw. I would be very interested in seeing mature replies from you all.

    Jones: he seemed to plod foward, flat on his feet all night. He lacked any foot work, head movement. It is clear to me he has relied upon his size advantage and threat of his takedowns to compensate for his lack of defensive striking skills. That all being said, I think due to these gaps against an equally sized opponent, Jones now knows where he has to improve. He has skills to work on to fair better against a guy like Gus next time.

    Gus: showed that he had the particilar set of tools last night to defeat Jones. His equal size, excellent TDD and superior hands was the right combo, but... he failed to capitalize in a way to get the finish or outright dominate thus forcing the judges decision. The only thing I can say is that Gus might have trusted his better hands a bit more and forced Jones into sustained exchanges. Gus spent a lot of time emphasizing movement, when I think maybe a few more exchanges of his choosing might have been to his advantage. You will notice I didnt mention technical improvements for Gus, because there really isnt as many for him as Jones has in my opinion. His improvement is more strategy-based.

    In a nutshell, my observation for go-forward planning for a rematch:
    Jones: train striking defense, footwork, head movent
    Gus: adjust strategy, to include more sustained exchanges. One thing I'd mention that he might consider spending time working on a left hook. I'd guess that Jones wasnt seeing to well from that right eye after the cut appeared. Mixing more left hooks into his tool bag might not be a bad idea.

    Love to hear you guys' thoughts.

  2. el conquistador

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    Jones may not have KO power, but he hits hard, and that was affecting Gus trying to do combos. Gus took some shots. I agree though, and think Gus will be more confident in the rematch. Jones showed some balls, and so did Gus. Most fighters stop attacking when they take alot of damage. Both these guys continued to attack, especially Jones. He went out there in Round 4 and 5 and took the title he was losing back. For the first 3 and a half minutes I thought Gus was winning round 4 easily. Jones dug deep and took it back. Not sure Gus would have survived had there been another minute on the clock in round 4.
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    I think gus will end up being the better fighter because he has to work for it harder. Jones' reach is such an advantage he can leave huge gaps in his technique and still be fine against 95% of the people he faces. Gus on the other hand while tall still has a comparable reach to other people in the division so he will have to work hard to perfect his technique. One day this gap in technique will catch up to JJ
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    I think Jones will be applying a Cain-like strategy next time, just pursuing the takedown over and over trying to tire Alex out.
  5. Amygdala

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    Good analysis.

    I think Gus has to work on a bit more head movement. And getting out of the ways of those kicks, and spinning shit.

    I was surprised by a few things: 1. how human Jones looked against a guy his size. 2. how much more fluid Gus was with his hands. 3. Jones' will. He sucked it up and showed why he's champ.

    Everyone can have an off night. I think last night was one of those for Jones. Combine that with Gus's belief and ability and you had a really intriguing fight.

    Jones looked winded early in the fight. I wonder if the toe and layoff affected him more than he thought.

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