Joe Silva, Please move Bryan Caraway to UFC 157.



Having Bryan Caraway, boyfriend of Miesha Tate on the card under 'headlining' Ronda Rousey would be awesome. :D
Nah, let Mizugaki knock him around for three rounds in Japan

Who would you have him fight? I doubt Mizugaki wants to leave the Japan card at all.

I would say Manny Gamburyan, but he is a featherweight. So, I guess I really don't care. I would just be nice to have him on the undercard after the physically threatening things he twittered to Ronda Rousey. All she said, to hype the fight, was that she could beat Miesha Tate's boyfriend. Then he responded with things like sending her teeth down her throat.
YES! My boy Takeya will smash this dude. Give him his win streak; should be 3.
The picture Ronda posted with the carraway seeds and the caption "guess I'm on the same diet as meisha" was genius.