Joe Martinez

Don't care, it's just great to see him again.
We need more of him! He's always been my favorite announcer in MMA. I like him a bit more than Buffer. Takes me back to the WEC days
he's awesome, buffers my all time fave, but Joe martinez is a good number 2, he announces aldo in such a cool style
I'm definitely a fan. I wouldn't mind seeing him do FUEL/FX events or something like that.
I really like him and hope they bring him in more. Nobody intros Faber better than him.
Definitely fit the shoes well. Didn't seem out of place like the first time Jon Anik commentated.
nice nostalgia from WEC days... It freshens things up
Both are good. Hopefully Martinez does get more gigs in the future.
They both have a place. BUffers last "iiit's tiime" I heard was TERRIBLE. His voice was cracking and fluxuating and it was just really bad to be completely honest. He is lucky to have made the living he has with something he probably was not really born to do. But again, they both have their place.

Martinez just did his "are you ready!" The crowd responded well.