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    Sorry for the late notice, but I just realized this might be a good forum to let people know.

    Joe Maffei's


    "The most dangerous fighting system in the world"

    Paul Powela U.S.

    10th special forces

    "If you train MMA you are half way to becoming a REAL WORLD FIGHTER

    I will teach you exactly what I have taught to over 40 Law Enforcement agencies and Military, and

    How to terminate a life threatening attacker and survive.

    " Joe Maffei"

    Safety items to bring

    Mouth piece, groin protection, MMA gloves, training knife, (duty rig and blue gun if Law Enforcement.


    When: June 28 ( Bangor ), 10am to 3pm


    Team Irish MMA

    54 Perry Rd.

    -Suite J

    Bangor, ME

    Phone- 207-433-0420

    Cost: $75 per day.

    Bruce Lee's fight ender, used by U.S. NAVY S.E.A.L's

    How to draw a knife or gun during an MMA fight.

    How to fight multiple attackers
    How to beat BJJ and the ground and pound in real fights
    Prioritizing, empty hand, knives, and guns.

    Stress inoculation and low light training

    Note: This is a training exercise with no live weapons.


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