Jiu Jitsu in Dream 3


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Aug 28, 2004
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As of Sunday night, videos of the fights are in the usual places ... I've only seen the Diaz and Alvarez/Hansen fights. But there was some pretty good jiu jitsu in the Hansen fight: a couple of kimura sweeps from half guard (my new favorite half guard sweep), a nice balloon sweep to armlock that just missed, a nice Frank Mir esque americana attack from the closed guard ,,, all of this from Hansen who came up short to a very tough Alvarez.

Anything else to report? Any other good jiu jitsu in Dream 3 that I missed.

I'll admit that watching Dream has gotten my heart longing for Pride once again ... Mmmmm ... ten minute first round .....
Someone get a gif of the elevator sweep to armbar.
The Mayhem vs Shibata fight was good if want to see a one sided display of jiu-jitsu/groundwork in Dream.
Yeah I'm really digging these Dream events. They are like Pride's baby brother or something.
Helicopter sweep was awesome, there were a number of times it looked like Hansen had a sub locked in by just missed. Credit to Alvarez for escaping and getting the win.
The helicopter armbar that Hanson nearly had on Alvarez was amazing. I've never seen actually seen it used in live jiu jitsu let alone an MMA fight where you're all sweaty.

It was a textbook helicopter armbar (at least from what I can tell from my Renzo/Royler book). Alvarez stood up in Hanson's guard, Hanson put both feet on the hips, elevated him, then dropped him to one side and nearly had the armbar. Alvarez was pretty slick in his escape, not only in that moment, but the other subs Hanson nearly had him in.

Some technical BJJ in that fight.
That was such an exciting fight.

there was also an earlier fight that was very fun to watch, Kim and someone i believe?

Great night of fights overall i'd say!
That Helicopter sweep (I personally thought he was going for the backmount, not the armbar) was amazing. Hansen is the most exciting fighter in the world because he takes so many risks. It's great. I don't care if he ever wins again - when someone brings it and attacks as much as he does, it's always worth seeing.
I rewinded to watched that sweep several times His timing was perfect. As soon as Eddie moved closer to him Hansen went with it and lifted him. But just as amazing were Eddie's escapes. Nice to see technical fights like that. Not every fight has to be a complete bloodfest.
here is the second round of the match. Hanson tries the sweep at 3:52 and Eddie defends perfectly by not letting Hansons rt leg over his head.
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And here is the obligatory animated GIF:
Yeah I'm really digging these Dream events. They are like Pride's baby brother or something.

more like pride bushidos cousin

i cant wait for the heavier divisions to get stacked so they can have a tourney
Thanks for the GIF! Hansen looked great--even in defeat.

he did look good. they were both very respectful afterwards. it goes down as one of my favorite fights ever. it had great striking, jiu jitsu and good wrestling followed by mutual respect.

if Hansen would have finished that armbar it would have had to go down as top 5 finish of all time.
Not really "BJJ", but Uno's RNC of Ishida was sweet. He got it so tight that he didn't even need to get the hooks in for Ishida to tap. Also, Ishida took Uno's back at one time, and Uno's RNC defense is pure awesomeness (just like he did in that old grappling match against Gomi).

Shoji vs Yamazaki was a sweep fest. They both got sweeped and mounted like 20 times or so. Plus a good armbar escape by Shoji.

Nakamura vs Jung Bu Kyung was great. It looked like Pancrase vs Judo. Lots of leglock attempts by Nakamura, and some Jungbar attempts, too. Too bad Jung lost, but he sure flows like water in the ground (too bad he loses position so easily because of this, too).

It was a grappling fest, loved it.
Has anyone here ever had a chance to roll with Hansen? He has such an aggressive and dynamic game - it would be a blast to train with him or attend a seminar of his.