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Jean Pascal v Fulgencio Zuniga * update

MC Paul Barman

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Mar 6, 2002
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I like this match up. It's set for 08/01/2008.

Zuniga stoled the 0 from Oganov last year and has a win over Zertuche.
Pittman gave the cocky Pascal fits. Hope he learned a thing or two from that fight.
i've heard zuniga is a beast but not much of a boxer haven't seen him myself to be honest should be a big test for pascal though
I've only seen Pascal fight once, but it was fairly impressive. He had injured his right arm and he basically fucked his opponent up onehanded. It was the same card that Alcine KO'ed some Nicaraguan brotha.
Pascal trains at my gym sometimes. He's very cocky but a pretty nice guy. I think that he learnt alot from Pittman, and knows that he needs to bring his A game from now on.

His timing needs to be improved though from what I've seen.
What is going on?

Pascal was set to fight Zuniga this week.
Now, it's showing Pascal fighting in August against a TBA.

My guess, Pascal knew Zuniga was too much (considering the Pittman fight) withdrew because of an 'injury' and rescheduled leaving Zuniga out in the cold.
That win over Oganov is doing more harm than good for Zuniga.
Too bad Pascal never fought Miranda. I would have loved to see him get KTFO.
This fight wont happen.
Since Joe Calzaghe left his belts to stay at LHW, Jean Pascal will fight for the vacant title. Most likely for the WBO