JDS vs Cormier??


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Jan 26, 2011
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This would be in interesting fight, especially because Cain and DC are from the same camp..
Would this be too much of a step up for Cormier for his ufc debut?

But if Cormier wins it pretty much forces him to fight Cain or drop to LHW, which I don't think he really wants to do.
Cormier would win, and this fight should happen when he comes over.
Its a good fight but its a Risky fight for JDS and the UFC. Cormier could conceivably do the same thing Cain did to him. Then he has back to back ugly losses and you have killed off one of your best young talents in a pretty shallow division. And even if JDS wins then you have done the same thing to Cormier.

Its in JDS and the UFC's best interest to give him a fight he has a better chance of winning to help build him back up. Same with Cormier.
Cormier would come in with the same game plan as cain. That's a bad match up for jds right now. Aka has figured him out
We always rush to get these guys that have been successful elsewhere right into the title picture. He doesn't have to start at the bottom, but if he wants to stay a heavyweight and not go down to LHW let him start a little lower on the totem pole than the former champ coming off a loss. I would start him out against a guy like Schaub, Rothwell or Hunt. Second fight against an upper level HW like Nelson, Minatoro or Mir. Then into the champ or top 3 of JDS, Overeem, Cain. To be honest I think Reem should have had a similar path, but seems that bell has rung.
Who has Cormier beaten, that makes anyone think he could beat jds or any top heavyweight. Barnett? Hate to break this to you, but Barnett is not a top heavyweight. And sure, Cormier won their match but so what. I said the same things about jds. Who has jds beaten that makes everyone think his standup is so good. Mir, Carwin, nelson. Those guys have mediocre standup, at best. Jds is a decent mma boxer, thats it. Thats why i wanted to see him fight Overeem. You would have seen the difference between a K1 world grand prix champ. and a mma boxer.
Cormier can dictate wherever he wants the fight to go against anyone. Id bet on cormier. Its easy to see his greatness.
Fight does nothing for the HW division if JDS loses. Cormier needs to fight Mir like they were supposed to.
Cormier doesn't have cains cardio, but he has power cain doesn't. Cormier via tko
It's a very interesting fight. Cormier has more power than Cain and is a better wrestler, but he doesn't have the same pace or technical striking. Cain set up the right hand with the threat of take down and a really nice Jab. Cormier is more of a 1-punch guy which is favorable for JR, though he will still have to worry about the take down.

Cormier could be the best HW in the world right now and seems to match up well against JDS. It would be a great fight.
If Cormier wins it's bad for the UFC. JDS would have lost ground as a challenger, and Cormier would have established himself in a weight class where he doesn't want to fight the champion.
don't think cormier will fight cain. will have to see what the official word is.