JDS VS Cain, for a better understanding


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Feb 13, 2010
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Now what happen? (Spoiler)
Cain steamrolled JDS.

Why did it happen?
Seems like both fighters had total differant views of what to do.

Cain wanted to win the fight.
JDS wanted to win the fight standing.

You can see Cain jump on JDS at the first mistake.
Taking his back and just punching non stop.
JDS on the other hand... did not rush Cain on failled TK or right after getting up.
You can seen JDS walking away from a kneeling challenger and that is just 22 seconds into the fight, does the same thing right after.

Your thoughts?
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I think Cain's pace was a huge factor, but at the same time, it doesn't completely explain Junior gassing so quickly into the first round. I really think it was the right hand from Cain that did the damage about 3 minutes in. JDS never recovered from that punch, and I think by the time he got his equilibrium back he'd already expended everything he had just surviving for 3 or 4 rounds, because he did show brief moments of getting a 2nd wind back later in the fight. Just never enough to follow up with more than a punch or two.
I think that JDS just thought his standup alone would carry him through these fights.He's done the same thing with all of the ground-game guys he's faced: he always just let's them back up. During that time the guy can catch his breath and collect himself. Cain on the other hand if you look at the Silva fight fights like a sadist. He never relents on his opponents whether they are standing with his striking or when they hit the ground with his wrestling and ground and pound. Boxing is an essential skill to learn in this sport, but this isn't the WBA. Cain's religious reliance on his boxing is what screwed him last night. You would never know that he's got a solid jiu jitsu background. He fights to escape the takedowns but does almost nothing if taken down but try to get back up. In contrast, Cain fights standing and on the ground. The best fighters in this sport ( Spider, GSP, Bones, Bendo) are all diverse fighters who don't care if the fight is standing or on the ground. JDS has shown a weakness that to this point no other fighter was able to exploit. He does not want to go to the ground. That's gotta change if he's going to have a shot at getting his belt back.
You're right. JDS wants nothing to do with the ground at all. He totally dismisses that part of the game and shies away from it. Cain was falling all over the place and left himself vulnerable with many sloppy takedowns where he ended up face planted on the canvas and JDS just let him get back up at his own leisure or run off.
Punch he left himself wide open for was a huge factor. Affected the rest of the fight, many would say. However, Cain's strategy was brilliant. It wasn't just the chain wrestling, it was the idea of constantly closing distance and pressuring JDS against the fence. JDS was so sapped from defending takedowns and getting back up, and let alone barely had the presence of mind to push off and create distance, it was as if his tried and true facet of winning was taken away from him. JDS needs that distance to generate power and avoid damage.

The strategy Cain employed is almost identical to the one necessary to beat Jon Jones. Except Jones is a very powerful wrestler himself. That's why I only see Cain or his teammate Cormier giving Jones any problems. Everyone else is too afraid or too slow to close the distance and apply that kind of pressure.

Anyways. I hope JDS learns from this experience and comes back with a vengeance.
I honestly do believe Junior underestimated him. I also think he's way too confident with his hands and power... his striking defense is almost non-existent and I knew it would end up biting him in the ass.

When Cain dropped him and swarmed him, that changed the entire fight. It was all downhill from there for JDS, sadly. He started throwing sloppy head strikes and made half-assed attempts to circle away from the cage.

A lot of people underestimated Cain in this fight, saying he had a "glass chin" and such. He's an incredibly good game planner and that's fucking scary. He perfectly spammed JDS with takedowns (albeit not even close to getting most of them) and then hit JDS with the perfect punch. JDS had no idea what was coming next and that's what killed him.

Oh and does JDS still train with Team Nog? Like with Anderson and them?