JDS fastest route to a rematch?


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Jun 16, 2006
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With Overeem fighting Bigfoot next month, it would seem JDS's quickest route to another title shot would be to fight Werdun or possibly Cormier. Since Cormier and Cain have said they won't fight one another, I would love to see Cormier vs JDS. A JDS rematch with Werdun would be a great fight as well.

Can anyone think of a quicker route for JDS? Dana didn't sound thrilled to rematch Cain and JDS again so he's going to have to fight someone at the top of the rankings.
Best shot is go for a fight with Cormier, hope Cain takes the revenge for his boy angle and wants JDS again for beating his friend, or hope Overeem beats Cain and keep talkin smack with him to build it...
talk smack = instant title shot
Been thinking about it, Overeem will most likely beat Bigfoot then Reem VS Cain
Reem can very well beat Cain but he has to do it in round 1, round 2 at the latest before he gasses

As for Junior, fighting Cormier doesn't really make sense because he is coming from Strikeforce and technically has no UFC record (as much as i hate it, fans only see fighters records as valid if they are in the UFC)

Would be better for Junior to face a guy currently in the UFC, the problem being that the heavyweight division is incredibly small and feels like incest at the moment when looking at their names on paper with the beatings and rematches etc

Junior vs Werdum would end the same way as the first, specially with Werdum butt flopping nonstop agains Reem, so not much point to that which leaves us with...

The loser of Reem vs Bigfoot - most likely Bigfoot

That or Todd Duffee!!
Yeah the quickest way would be for overeem to beat Cain and jds best werdum. Cormier would wreck any of them and wont fight Cain so i guess well see
talk smack = instant title shot

after Reem loses to bigfoot, JDS should fight Reem, than hopefully a title shot, since Cain got a shot from beating someone who came off a loss

Lol nice

But yeah Cain beat only 1 fighter then got his extremely fast rematch

So Junior only has to beat 1 fighter (Bigfoot or Werdum) then BAM its Junior vs Cain 3 - jesus reading that makes the heavyweight division seem incredibly thin
just destroy his next opponent or two

DC. That would be sick if DC beat JDS too. I dont think DC has CV cardio
I would say it is unlikely that JDS path back to the title would include rematching a guy that he absolutely killed in his UFC debut. So, his next fight is probably Cormier.
JDS will need 2 fights. Regardless
I figure he welcomes Josh Barnett. (To show his wrestling has improved)
Or if Mark Hunt gets past Struve expect that.
Then they COULD HAVE 2 situations occur
Overeem vs JDS
(If Overeem doesn't run through Silva by the end of the first round or if it goes to decision he wont get the title shot)
An injury occurs in a future fight with a Hyped Heavyweight which will occur in 4-6 months and he fills in. Kinda like Brock JDS where Carwin stepped in.
To many variations. Will Cain even defend his title once?
Hes deff in the talk of Top 5 still. Cains finished alot of people in similar situations.
This might even sound crazy but Stipe Miocic hasnt been in a fight in awhile they both have a similar style.
Him and Antonio Silva train together so i doubt that will happen.
cain destroyed jds i dont want to see that poor guy get hurt like that again
just destroy his next opponent or two


Like how destroying one or two opponents worked out for him in earning that first titleshot?

Hell even that titleshot wasn't officially on the agenda, he got it because Lesnar became ill again.
DC is a tough match for anyone at HW he has more wrestling brute power than Cain although not as agile and he has a chin as well. If his cardio is up JDS might get pancaked. I say let JDS work on his skills before any more wrestling related fights. There is Hunt or Overeem.