JDS broken jaw in 2nd.

Even more props for JDS to eat shot after shot from a 240lb man for the next three rounds.
His iron chin broke but his heart kept him up.

Amazed he did not go 2 sleep.
Cain dominated from start to finish. But JDS is a warrior regardless of his jaw was broke or not.
Bullshit... no broken jaw. Give up the excuses.
If true mad props to JDS, he hung in there. took his beating and tried to get the knockout
I'm sorry, I just have more respect for JDS than Cain. Congrats to Cain, but JDS is still one alpha mother fucker.
But all i read tonight was zero power, pillow hands, Cain couldn't KO me said of one sherdogger.
Bullshit... no broken jaw. Give up the excuses.

How is it an excuse? The broken jaw did not make him get dominated tonight. Not everything is an excuse. With a 2003 join date I would expect better.
No one can question his heart.
I must say i have to take back lots of words about cain tonight. Did not see this coming.

However eventually going into the third fight we know two things;

Velasquez cant KO Junior no mather if it goes for 40000 rounds.

Junior can KO cain with any big shot.