Jawzz v Stars Guards


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Oct 4, 2007
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It's almost new mouthguard time, and it's been shortlisted to Jawzz v Stars Guards. Both appear to have to quality products and customer service. How the hell, do you choose between the two?

I don't think you could go wrong with either one. I went with starsguards and if you need a recomondation I would say go with them. They made a very good guard and have great customer service. However, I have never heard anything bad about Jawzz either. My experience was with stars and I couldn't be happier.
i have a stars guard and its top notch fits good and jeff the owner of stars guards has helped me out though the whole process form putting a logo on it to getting the bottom impression done he has been more then willing to help. i havent heard anything bad about jawzz and i almost went with them myself but i heard that stars guards had top notch customer service so i decided to go with them.
I can't recomend jawzz.com enough. Great customer service great turn around and great product.
I can't say enough good stuff about starsguards. Customer service is beyond top notch.
Starsguard has great customer service. Going through the process of getting a Jawzz. Their service has been great as well.
I'll throw another wrench into the works and say that Smartguards.ca has had pretty good customer service too, and their guards look great.
Yeah I think I'll just have to go on who's cheaper shipping internationally.
I am currently waiting to receive my finished Jawzz guard in the mail.

My experience thus far has been very positive. They are very responsive to emails and answered all my questions.
I ordered 2 mouth guards from Jawzz and give them my highest recommendation. The mouth guards fit perfectly and have worked well in my mma and jiu jitsu matches. I posted a review in the review section if you want full details.
Got two guards from STARS earlier this year. Jeff's customer service is top notch and his guards are First Class all the way. Couldn't be happier with level of protection and comfort I'm getting.