Javier Vazquez vs. Frederico Sabbatini

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May 24, 2004
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Man, I was editing this match together from the Black Belt Pro Am (event was 2 weeks ago) earlier today. This match was awesome. Might be my favorite of the event. Both these guys pulled off some really good techniques (Javi won 10-8) and I wish they could have kept going on longer. Javier pulled off a beautiful "switch" which was really impressive. He went for some crazy moves in this fight. I wish he could have continued, he's one of the most exciting guys you will see in Gi, No Gi, and even in MMA when he was fighting.

I honestly didn't know too much about Sabbatini, other than he had a submission win over Cleber about a year ago. I want to see a rematch between these two down the line! Even though Fred lost both of his fights, he looks like he has really really good jiujitsu. I want to see more from this guy. I guess he teaches in Pasadena, website is www.fightfactory.tv

All the editing should be done in about a week, so I'm sure the guys from the Black Belt Pro Am will have it out available soon after. It looks really good with split screen slo mo replays, etc, making it much easier to watch than a typical BJJ match.

Good work, I cannot wait to get the DVD. The fights that day were awesome and hopefully this will spread the word.
i have trained there and he is definately a great grappler. he's a black belt in judo too. numerous wins and honors in brazil.

his instruction is pretty good but his drills are brutal. i have never walked out of there without feeling sore. it feels like he's very comfortable teaching too and wants you to learn. great bjj grapplers at this school too. nicest bunch of people i've met.

oh, i want to get back into training so bad..

freddy told me he might get into NHB sometime in the future.