Japanese Lutador Kimonos? Where to buy in US?


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Mar 31, 2008
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I am a gear whore and I have recently been obsessed with nice Gis. Well like everything from Japan, their gear looks awesome and they have a GREEN GI. I want it, don't ask me why, I just do.

Does anyone have any experience buying from them?


is their website.
I think the green looks cool as hell however the purists will probably disagree :icon_sad:
I think the green looks cool as hell however the purists will probably disagree :icon_sad:

and since in my school dnt really care about the colour of your gi i cldnt care less about "purists" any one that sells these babies in us ?
nobody sells them in the US.

You could import them if you got someone in japan to do the hard work.

It's been discussed, search function boys.

I have been in contact with Fumi from lutador kimonos, he is based out in California. Hopefully he can help out.
I did help a guy extensively on this and then we never heard if he got it or not... /sadpanda

Well, I just received a reply today and he said he doesn't have the green gi in my size (A3) and they are single weave and made in Korea.

I remember reading in another thread that "making a gi in Japan is as expensive as it is in the US." Then I guess Japanese gi have better quality than Korean, right?
i hope u get it--if u do -please write a review --there gear looks nice
yeah, i recently searched for a black one but never found one, so keep us up to date.
no but i try to, one of my friends is in tokyo, maybe he can clear things out. if not, i will be in tokyo soon @ myself
Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on. I'm not ordering anything from this guy, yet. I only want a green gi. As silly as it may sound, it's the color that only attracted me to the brand. I've look into other brands (Red Nose, Koral, etc), but their green gis are either too dark or have camouflage patterns, which I find to be tasteless and inappropriate for a sport like Jiu-jitsu. I like the brilliant verdant luster of the Lutador's gi, though. It fits my environmentally-friendly personality well; it'll have people look at me and say, "Awe, he looks like a cute, harmless tree-hugger, and yet he does not hesitate to put people in a devastating choke-hold."

I tried to order that damned green gi on their website (lutadorfight.com), but it took an eternity to get to the shopping page because I'm not literate in the Japanese language. But then all my hopes were dashed when I deciphered their Engrish and found out that they're only sold in Japan. And then my spirit somewhat rose when reading this cryptic message which follows after that...take a look.

It is sales only in Japan now.

I pray for payment in paypal, and there is it if I want to purchase KIMONOS from your country.
Shipment becomes international postal EMS.

Can someone decipher the last sentence for me?

If you want it in black, the ebay seller has a black gi in my size (A3), but also take note that they're made in Korea. And only two colors are available, black and white.

I don't know what the difference is between Korean-made gis and Japanese-made gis. In comparison, they're probably similiar to Japanese/Korean made ESP or Ibanez guitars; the higher end, expensive guitars are made in Japan and lower end, cheapers ones are made in Korea.
^ yes, "EMS" is a type of shipping.

and using the guitar analogy is terrible, Thunder, since the Koreans, e.g., Samsung and LG, are making far better electronics than the Japanese, e.g., SONY, nowadays
FYI, here is a message from the guy selling Lutador Kimonos on eBay:

"Thanks for your interest.
It's kimono single weave, have a seam in the back and a true BJJ cut. We have a office in seoul. Thanks."