Japanese guard from 1904


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Feb 23, 2011
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Next time I pull guard, I'm going to try this on my training partner.. lol

Nice guard work! and people think the flashy stuff is a modern invention.
That took a lot of work and skill. I wonder how many children died in the making of this.
Awesome. Interesting that he uses a ball under his hips. Must make it easier to lift. Or maybe just shock absorption? Hmmm...
Hickson could do that with one leg tied behind his back.
Meh, let me see them do this in comp against high level competition and then I'll be impressed.
So this is the Japanese ball-guard that I've heard so much about.
at first I was like (o_o) and then I was like (O_O)
Dangit. I was hoping this was serious. I was all at the ready for full on sarcasm: "You mean the Gracies exaggerated their role in Jiu Jitsu? Noooooo!"