Jack Kerouac was human waste


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Mar 7, 2002
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anybody read his work...i hear all about it...tried to read it....put it down, its about as entertaining as getting a root canal without novacaine...

You're really going to entice Ranger into a hissy fit with a post like this...
Hahahah, surely you joust.
My aunt once said the world would never find peace until men fell at their women's feet and asked for forgiveness.

How can you hate a man who shouts...

Come on out, stop fucking the blonde! Come on out and have a drink!

Punkie, ya mad because Jack is a literary step above Calvin 'n Hobbes? He lived a pretty interesting life, and wrote several pretty interesting books about it. Each and every one of which is far better than the bitter, textual diatribes that you and I would write about our countless hours on Sherdog.com, or the precious few hours spent sleeping between log-ons. =P
See. I told you he'd be pissed. Give the guy a hug and let's all just have a cookie.
Punky if you really hate Kerouac, I recommend you try some Lawrence Ferlingetti, John Dos Pasos, and Alan Ginsberg.

They are the total opposite of the type of beat poetry you can't stand...

Sorry for my ignorance, but what type of literature does he write?
But what does he write? I mean, whether he sux or not, what kind of literature does he write? I'm curious.
he was a beatnik...wrote about life..

a simploe search on www.google.net will yield many results..

he is VERY popular, so you may enjoy...not for me
I have never heard of him. I guess I'm illiterate :(

- The Jake