Jacare in LA for privates & semi-privates


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Apr 19, 2004
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I'm shocked that this hasn't been posted here yet. I found this on another message forum:

"For more info contact us at [email protected] or by phone 310-370-0116. He will be in LA from Oct 11 to Oct 20."
Ronaldo jacare I suppose since it's organized by jjprogear who are his sponsors
I'd guess ADCC/Mundials champ jacare since he'll be in LA for Rickson's BUDO challenge around that time
Gilberto at JJprogear just posted the following information as well:

"Leo Vieira is coming to LA ..... and He is looking for a place to do a seminar . Are you interested ? let me know . He will also available for privates and semi-privates.
for more details you can reach me at [email protected] or by phone 310-370-0116"

Looks like Leo Vieira is also going to be in town for lessons.
Thanks for posting this Mutt. You always come through for me with that good info. Got one scheduled with the man on Monday. I'll post how it goes...
Have fun at the private! I'm trying to get one scheduled myself but the wife is interfering with my plans.
looks like it will be fun
how much are privates with Jacare? Semi private? Ballpark figures?
Got my ticket reserved for Wednesday. Who else is going to the Budo Challenge?
I'm going, Shawn was invited to watch so I've gotta cheer him on.