I've gotten my worst injuries sleeping



Serious shit.

When I was 6 years old I was sleeping on the top bunk of a bunkbed set that I had... my sister had the bottom one... anyway, I musta had some fucked up dream, because I remember trying to lay on a part of the bed that wasn't there, and falling off the top head first. I almost broke my neck & got a major concussion. That shit sucked.

There was another time where I fell outta bed while I was sleeping and got whiplash. I shit you not, neckbrace and all... walked into school 2 days later, everyone's thinking I got into a car accident or something... nope, fell outta bed. My english teacher laughed and laughed. So did everyone else. Life as Dave Hojak is interesting at times.

Another time I strained the AC in my shoulder by sleeping with my arm in a really fucked up position... turned sideways, pointed upwards, underneath my head, for 16 hours. I got startled outta my sleep, jumped up, heard a sharp crack in my shoulder, and the injury came to be. It ain't been the same since.

There have been other instances of me shooting out of bed like a Shamrock only to be greeted toe-first (or on better days, face-first) by a wall, and even a couple times where I tripped out of bed and twisted a knee or ankle. I guess I'm doing something right when I injure myself worse than anyone else can...

... but probably not.
Do you ever spray the wall at night when you go to the bathroom with a bent piss hard on?

Or spray your legs and the toilet proper when a pube is over the urethra.
Originally posted by Meat Fist
Do you ever spray the wall at night when you go to the bathroom with a bent piss hard on?

LOL. I hate those bastards, especially when u spray ur legs. But then that probably happens to me cause I'm not cut like most of u freaks.
I did the SAME fucking thing one time when i was little!

I fell off the top bunk and landed face down on a desk...but only my head connected, so I had to wear a neck brace and busted my head like hell..
i am a bunk bed master...i had a slide from mine:)

i have perfected the high jum onto baunk beds and the sommersault off them.
I once hurt myself with a brazil nut, i'll not go into the specifics but it was a rum moment in mylife i can tell you...i'm not even lying
When I was about eight I had the bottom bunk and my brother had the top, and I would kick his materess through the support bars underneath. One night I couldn't sleep, and so I thought I"d wake him up by kicking him.... Next thing I know he flew off the side of the bed and landed on the floor. I felt pretty shitty.

At least he had been asleep and didn't know it was me.
Thats funny. When we were little, i made my brother eat cat food on numerous occasions...Once, I made him climb milk crates to the monkey bars in our back yard..When he got up there, I tied his belt loops to the bars and kicked the crates from under him..

I let him dangle there until the neighbors cam over to investigate the screams.

I definantly had to pick a switch over that..