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Aug 21, 2005
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6:00am - vanilla total cereal and milk

9:00am - quaker oats hot oatmeal, breyers strawberry yogart and milk

12:00pm - bores head chicken breast cold cuts, white bread, apple, cranberry/grape juice and water

5:00pm - steak, potatoes and water

7:00pm - metrx protien meal replacement shake

10:00pm - quaker oats hot oatmeal, breyers strawberry yogart and milk
6:30am - 2-4 Scrambled Eggs, 2 Omega Fish Oils, MM Protein Shake

9:00am - Nutrigrain Bar

11:05am - Spicy Chicken Sandwich, Apple

1:00pm - Nutrigrain Bar and Whey Shake

4:00pm - Hamburger, Beef Jerky Stick(homemade)

9:10pm - Chicken Breast Grilled, Rice, Apple or Banana

(Drink water with everything; reason being for the 4-9pm jump is work, i need to start packing a lunch)
Freestyler, good job on stepping it up man. The things I've seen you post before were pretty bad, this is getting a lot better.
Yea my actually diet today was...

6:30am - 2 Scrambled Eggs, 2 Omega Fish Oils, MM Protein Shake

9:00am - Nutrigrain Bar

11:05am - Chicken Fajita(no cheese), rice, apple, and milk.

1:00pm - Nutrigrain Bar and Whey Shake

4:00pm - Wendys Single Burger

9:10pm - Chicken Breast Grilled and a fruit dish.
ok, I just so happen to have my diet log book. This is what I had yesterday:

8.30am: Cyclone shake
11am: Chicken Salad
2.10pm Protein Bar (after workout)
4.30pm: Nutrigrain
8.15 Mince & Mozzarella

I usually have something before bed, like low fat cottage cheese and have 2 cyclone shakes a day (one in morning, one after workout), alternating protein brand each month. On an evening when I train I have 1/2 protein bar before, and 1/2 after). Other days I generally have mackeral/sardines just in a tin or with pasta/salad, tuna, haddock, salmon, pasta n eating side salad/veg n try to eat as little junk food as poss.
I usually get up at noon, and hit the gym on an empty stomach.
2:00PM- Protein shake in water, blended with a banana, a tbsp of natural peanut butter, and oatmeal.
5:00PM- 1 Chicken breast, and a serving of brown rice.
8:00PM- Protein shake, 1 tbsp peanut butter, 6 triscuit crackers
11:00PM- 1 chicken breast, brown rice.
Before bed I will have a 1/2 cup of low fat cottage cheese. I also drink about 2-3 gallons of water throughout the course of the day.

Normally I would eat more than this, but I am in the process of cutting weight. 217 now, need to make 213 on Oct 14. This is pretty much what I will eat every day until then.

6:30am - woke up late, Nutrigrain bar and 2 Omega Fish Capsules

9:00am - Nutrigrain Bar

11:05am - Chicken Sandwich, Apple,

1:00pm - Nutrigrain Bar and Whey Shake
6:45 - Green Pepper Steak w/ White Rice
9:00 - Tspoon of Monohydrate

9:30 - Whey Shake

Probably going to finish with a Nutrigrain before bed and some more water
I was lazy after hitting the gym today. I didn't have the motivation to cook up any chicken before work.

2:00 Whey Shake, Oatmeal, 1/2 cup cottage cheese
5:00 Tuna w/ light miracle whip, brown rice
8:00 Whey shake, 6 triscuit crackers
11:00 Tuna on a whole wheat tortilla, 6 triscuits
I'll have another 1/2 cup of cottage cheese before bed.
Hm. I was in a rush this morning.

7:00 (Breakfast) Apple
9:00 (snack) half cup of trail mix
11:40(lunch) 2 slice whole wheat bread with No Sugar Added jam and peanut butter, apple, orange.
3:30 (snack) bowl of pasta.
5:45 (dinner) 1 Chicken breast, 2 glass milk, whole wheat rice.
8:15 (post lift)Whey Protein with water
9:00 (Snack before bed) 1/4 cup of shelled peanuts, Cup of green tea.

I could have switched that bowl of pasta with something a bit smaller, maybe an apple or something.

Also, I feel I need a bigger breakfast.

My before bed snacks, instead of eating say a bannana or some peanuts, I am trying to just drink tea or something, though I was too hungry this evening to not eat.

Anybody who feels the need to critic this, please do.
7AM- Madmicks breakfast shake(see protien before or after thread)
9AM- Apple
11AM- Banana
12:30PM- Wahoos Steak Salad w/no dressing
2PM- Apple
3:30PM- Trail mix bar
4:30PM- Chicken breast, corn, brown rice, banana and a glass of Green Goodness
6-9PM- Gym(rolling 1hr, MT/Boxing 2hours)
930PM- 1/2 Muscle Milk 1/2 Biopro Protien shake

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