It's been a long hard road, but....

Congrats. I'm not sure when I lose mine, but I'm hoping it's soon.
Ah I see, how the function operative was I supposed to guess that's what this was about?

Well done for behaving.
I didn't find the video to be that funny, but still, congrats on having your cards removed.
To be honest, I don't even know where I was getting at. He was saying he has been waiting for a long time to get these dubs off and this song came to mind for some reason.

And I don't know why I picked the gorilla video.
I don't think you missed much. I'm looking forward to getting my av and sig back, as I'd like to change them up a bit.
Never been carded, what exactly do you get them for?
Insults or what
I'd give you dubs back for posting this shit thread.
getting dubs sucks...making a thread to tell everyone you don't have dubs anymore...spits.

hungover from Vegas?
Something of substance ought to be posted to make this a worthwhile thread:

Meldrick Taylor
Pernell Whitaker
Mark Breland
Frank Tate
Virgil Hill
Evander Holyfield

Amazing group.

Yep, even better than '76.

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