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Is my gi too tight? (pics incl)

beer lao

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Jan 12, 2008
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I'm 5'6" 150 lbs. I purchased a vulkan A1 summerweave gi.

The new vulkan seems a little tight around my chest area, and the collar is rubbing against my kneck. I'm pretty new to bjj and I don't really know if this gi is too tight or just right. I am currently wearing an atama A2 singleweave.

Anyways I've got class next week which I'll bring the gi and see what my instructor thinks, but for now I'll ask you guys.

Thanks for any help.


stretch your arms out in front of you, up to 4 fingers from the wrist is acceptable.
If that is prior to any washing, don't forget that it will experience shrinkage.
Thanks for the replies.

I thought these new vulkan gi's are pre shrunk like korals.

If they shrink...yikes!
the real question is does it feel tight or too constricting?
I just got one of the new preshrunk vulkans aswell,size a1. Im 5'6 and weigh about 160 - 165. personally i like the fit but the sleeves might be too short for comps.

Tighter the GI, the less likely the GI choke! - call me a pussy but I always wear a tight GI! lol
Wow - the sleeves look short, but that is about it...

A2 ftw. I'm 5'9 but 140 lb, when I wore my friend's A1 Koral for a little while, it was way too small. He had his for a while so I'm betting it had already gone thru wash shrinkage.
can you guys do me a favor and weigh the gis for me? I'd really appreciate it. :)