Is Keith Jardine a black belt?


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May 15, 2007
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I'm watching his fight against Wilson Gouveia. Joe Rogan said "Wilson's a black belt, so Keith doesn't want to go to the ground with him." Then Mike cut in, "But so is Keith." I tried looking this up, but couldn't find anything about it.
He trains in Greg Jackson's hybrid grappling system Gaidojitsu.
He IS a black belt...

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i think rogan was stonned when he said that---

i wudnt put him as a blue belt--i hope wandy kills him
he has a black belt in kempo karate he stole it from chuck
Granted there are many who practice nogi exclusively / predominantly and still are ranked in BJJ (mma fighters who started BJJ to fight MMA). . . but generally when someone is said to have a BJJ black belt (like wilson or aurelio or florian or gonzaga or werdum or bj or well you get the idea) they were a BJJ guy (with a Gi) who is now transitioning into MMA and nogi.