Is hemp oil good for you


Mar 15, 2005
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I am an impulse buyer. Just for fun, I purchased a bottle of Hemp Oil from my local health food store. It had a green tint and a light, nutty aroma.

I put some (about 2 tablespoons worth) on a salad instead of olive oil and added some vinegar. The taste wasn't very pleasant, but not too awful. My body however, was completely repulsed by it! I forced the whole salad (about 4 oz) down under the theory that I needed to "acquire" a taste for the Hemp oil. I felt like vomiting. The concentrated nutty taste kept repeating for hours. It wasn't until after my next meal that the taste and little bit of nausea went away.

Is this a normal reaction to Hemp oil?

Is anything about Hemp oil good for you, or is it just weird or unnatural?
I have never eaten hemp oil and never heard of people doing that most people i know advocate it as a lotion or as a shampoo
So iguees you have been shamp0wnded