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Iron Minds "Just Whey"

joe broadway

May 15, 2004
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Has anyone taken the stuff? Anyone heard anything about it?

Thanks in advance
Nope. I take ON's whey. I took BSN last time but the thing only lasted me about 2 weeks.
I never heard anything bad about it and I usually like IronMind stuff. I haven't taken any protein supplements in years but when i did I used to get it from here:

Protein Factory Inc. :: Proteins

I googled them just to get the link but no longer know anything about them. Years ago they were the way to go since they supplied supplement makers with ingredients (if I remember correctly) so what you purchased from them was pure with no ingredients other than protein.
They also had other products which you could purchase pure and they also let you make your own. So if you wanted to sweeten up your protein powder or add vitamins or add carbs or whatever you could and add your own amounts. When you buy ready made stuff sometimes it has too much of what you don't need as well as fat. Protein factory sold in bulk and it was cheap (at the time). I have no idea what it's like these days.

Before finally giving up on protein supplements I finally went the cheap rout. First I started purchasing cheap fat free powdered milk from the supermarket and adding a few spoonfuls to my regular milk container. For instance if I added powder to a quart of regular milk I could make my milk concentrated and make one quart equal 1-1/2 or 2 qt. Double Protein.
Then I started buying condensed or evaporated milk for 75 cents an 8 oz can. Its concentrated so the serving size is one or two tablespoons. So with whatever it was...8 grams of protein and 24 grams carbs for example, in 2 tbsp then drinking the whole can would be a good protein shake after lifting for only 75 cents. Cheap bastard right?:icon_chee