Interesting hit training tonight


Dec 1, 2007
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So I just got from the gym not too long ago. One of the shots i took was a hard body shot from a punch at an angle that hit the middle of my ribs and it felt like it pushed and made my rib bow out. Now my ribs hurts but on my back. I didn't take any slams or anything so im wondering if anyone has had this before and why it would do that. Its not an injury or anything im worried about just curious.
If it's broken or fractured or bruised there's nothing you can really do it about it but wait it out.
I would get it checked, if you train mma or something and take a hard shot again and it pops out, or you get slammed and pops out and punctures something inside you, then you could be in real trouble.

best idea when something hurts though is get it checked out its possible its a bruise but without knowing how hard you train its better safe then sorry.
I train pretty hard, i've had bruised ribs before and im hoping its not that again cause that was a real pain in the ass for a long time. Guess i'll have to see what it feels like over the next few days.