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    i know about taking detrose to spike insulin, but what about mixing creatine with some sugary drink ie. fruitopia or powerade, would this do the same thing? what is the benefit of dextrose over other types of sugars. also, if this isnt recommended, what amount of dextrose should be taken when relative to creatine intake?
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    Dextrose has a higher GI than sugar. It has quicker absorption, and easier digestibility.
    I've seen people take as little as 20g post workout, and as much as 150g post workout. I take 60g with creatine post workout.
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    Yep, I take 90 grams post workout mixed in with my whey protein shake. A lot of people don't like to mix there protein and dextrose because they say its "too sugary tasting" but I don't mind it. I get mine from btw.

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