Inspirit open English site

it's been open for quite a while actually. lol :) but i visit regularily to see the new products, so its probably been up for... a good 2 months now.

but good stuff letting everyone know.

Dude I wanna buy that compe model shorts that's on the japanese site with the silver come that's not on the english site.....
Yet another dealer with no Big and Tall sizes :(
Nice, I was waiting for them to come out with an english site. Their shorts look pretty nice.
Dude, lol 37-38 is their biggest waist size. That isn't big at all. I wear a size 44 jeans and have almost the same body type as fedor. All these companies don't seem to cater to use big and tall ppl. I have no problem finding any fight gear or equip except for good fitting board shorts. I have even said I would pay extra for a custom pair of size 44 or even 46 since they seem to run tight.

agreed, I wear a 42 in sprawls, and they are a tad tight.

it sucks but wat can we do :(

HCK offer the biggest sizes i've seen though -

lol :p yes it's easy to forget loveable old foz is a HW :p isnt it?

Foz, have you ever tried a pair of those 44 HCK because I want to know if they are a bit small for their size or if they are actual 44 size, jean type fitting, shorts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
or Go with SSF advice, he's probably right. All i know is when i got my HCK's they were so big and falling off I had to get them taken in with a seamstress.

good luck.