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Inside the Arts with Guy Mezger

HDNet Fights

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Apr 4, 2008
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What do you think of these videos? Should we make more?

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Should be very informative, especially for those who are just starting to watch MMA.

yes make more
yes, Looks good. the slow examples mixed with real fight scenes is good viewing.

Since I don't get HDnet on my direct TV, I would sure like to see more HDNet somehow
For those of us without HDnet is there as place to check this out online? I like Mezger and his commentating and think he'd do a great job on a show.
This is awesome, thanks for the video link!
I saw the one where Guy was in side mount doing either a Kimura or keylock, and it looked good. It should help educate the fans so they can get more enjoyment out of the actual matches.
Check out more Inside the Arts clips at our Facebook page, in my signature.
is the lions den dallas still operating?

Yes they just opened a new location. It is still the Lion's Den Dallas organization, but the Gym is called Guy Mezer's Combat Club.

You can find all this information at his website : www.guymezger.com
Actually, that's one of the best "noob technique" videos I've ever seen. Very well designed and put together.
Mezger is the MAN! Thanks for the videos!!