Injury: Foot knuckle


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Mar 23, 2008
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So I've had kind of a jacked up foot all week.

Sparred tonight. Did ok for one round as a beginner, but I injured my foot/ankle a little worse. Didn't realize it till I got done with first round.

Start round 2. Kick this guy and immediately fall over in pain. Don't normally do that, but I knew I shouldn't have been kicking back leg and it hurt...

So anyways, I can't see the knuckle on my right foot. Kind of weird, been an athlete my whole life and never actually seen this injury. Ankle feels kind of sprained, as it has all week. But the whole knuckle disappearance is puzzling.

So i'm looking stuff up about knuckles, and knuckle injuries on the internet. It is a fresh injury, i'll see how it goes and if I need a doctor. yeah yeah, you guys aren't doctors...whatever....

But what do you guys think? Ever had a knuckle kind of go missing on you? How did it turn out?

Never heard of a toe knuckle, but it sounds as though your "toe" is messed up. I'd suggest going to the doctor, as this is Sherdog, not WebMD.