Injury after rejoining BJJ.


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Nov 15, 2005
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I recently started training BJJ after being out for about a year.

After a good class a couple of days ago I went home feeling fine but woke up in the middle of the night with a pain in my right rib. It felt like it was broken. It hurt when I took deep breaths, moved certain ways, or sneezed. I tried ignoring it but it sucked so much that I called into work..

It's been 2 days and I can still feel a pain but it's not as bad. I can go to work and perform as a dishwasher but I'm not sure about rolling.

I've thought that maybe I should start working out and getting into better shape before rolling hard again. My mind is probably ahead of my body.

Is this a good idea? Any suggestions? Has anyone else rejoined after being out for a while and gotten injured quickly?

... It's so great to be back in class, though. I missed training every day I was out of it. Jiu-jitsu is something that will always be stuck in my mind.
just roll soft.. dont go in trying to be super man. YOu havent trained in a year and its going to take time to get back into it.

Probably bruised or fractured the rib.. Go to the doctor if the pain is bothering you.
Best thing to do is just let it heal. Go to class and just do technique to keep your motivation up and your mind in the game.. when it comes to rolling just wait... Youll be feeling much better in a week or two and will be able to come back in... Try to go back now someone will put a knee in the stomach and youll be out for another year.
Self Diagnosing is the worse thing you can do.

Like a psychology Major thinking they have every psychological problem they learn about..... So many symptons fit a million other injurys.. Go see a doc if your worried.
i think you'd know if it was broken right away so its probably bruised or something but go see a doc anyway if its still bothering you after a few days (be sure to ice it)
Get it checked out and rest it. In my experience, rib's take AGES to fully heal
it ain't broken a muschle around the ribs probably got hurt. Ice may help, it will bother you for at least a month. The reason that it takes so long is becouse you are breathing and the muschles of the chest and around the ribs are working 24hours per day, so no rest for them at all. That is why an injury like that lasts for a month and some times even 2. If you keep rolling it will take for sure 2 months to heal maybe more... Train but without rolling... or roll with no power with a friend. I had this kind of injury totally 3 times. Once when i tryed to get an armbar from guard and the opponent put all his weight on me while i was pushing, the other time one guy got my back and overstreched my body, and the third time it happend while i was trying to escape an armbar my ribs made a sound like *scruchh* everybody heard it... all the above took 2 months to heal totally.

If it was broken it would feel alot worse. Now probably it will bother you in some positions during sleep or rolling and if you are taking deep breaths or laughing. :D