injuries over the past year



in the past year of training any form of grappling what injuries have you had?
Popped a rib, broke a couple of toes (different toes, different times), multiple bruises, black eyes (catch an elbow or knee in a scramble). That's about it.
I dont really get injured, the worst is probably just getting knee'd in the face and jamming a finger.
cauliflower ear, disloacted shoulder, ruptured bursa in my elbow, dislocated finger, broken knuckle, two torn meniscus in my knees, a torn LCL in my left knee, and a partcial ACL tear in my right. various black eyes, chipped teeth, re-broke my nose once. lol, I'm not winning any beauty contests.
I've had a few pulled muscles, multiple bruises, i don't think there'd be many training sessions where i don't get a new bruise. And I've had my elbow hyper-extended in a comp, that sucked, it kept me out of training for about a month.
where do i start...........dislocated toe, strain my shoulder to the point where the pain goes all the way up my neck, sore left elbow, sore right ankle, right wrist can't fully bend back.

Gotta love training....:D
Neck still fucked (herniated discs), seperated a rib (I think that's what the Physio said). Hyper extended wrist. Had a big scare when I felt a pop in my knee after some over-excited white belt, went for an achilles lock, and decided to do a crocdile death roll, but that's been OK. Numerous sprained muscles, bruises, etc.
It's actually been better, injury wise, than the last few years :)
After an armbar took a turn for the worse, a seperated neck muscle.
Then after being suplexed like a wet rag, a dislocated shoulder that, 6 weeks later still feels, weak. I am contemplating giving up grappling and concentrating only on Muay Thai? Even though I get injured in M.T. they don't seem to last so fucking long. I don't know.
Bent back toe, numerous scratches [Esp from fingernails]. As for the person above who had dislocated a toe, after it healed was it weaker or normal?
johil d'o said:
Why do you ask?

He's rephrasing my original post with the same question but in more easy English for you ppl. My injury entailed popped out soldiers on both sides. It really sucks.
oh the worst of all......bruised ego..
Damnit! My ears have been hurting, and I though they were just bruised. Turns out to be cauliflower ear. One and a half years of wrestling and no cauli... but six months of BJJ did it. Damnit!
im about to have surgery on my shoulder (torn labrum) and ill be out of ju-jistu for 6 months... but im jsut goin to watch my dvd's and study and come back better than ever
Sprained toes, inflammation of shoulder-, biceps- and lower arm tendons. A lot of nosebleeds of course and some strange nagging pain in my thigh from doing all those jumping jacks during warmups.
With so many injuries, many of you guys are training too hard and not training smart. Several instructors at Rickson's school have cautioned guys against training too hard all the time. In the long run, it's better to train moderately for much of the time, and then ramping it up for competition. Training balls out all the time will result in injuries too often, and you will either miss out on training sessions or quit altogether. Go a little easier with more focus on technique and not just seeking to sub the other guy with as much brute force as you can muster. In the long run, you'll wind up training more, with better focus.
Injured both shoulders at once, tore one of the ligaments in my knee, rebroke my nose, reinjures my wrist, got concussed and a ton of minor stuff like bruises scratche spulled muscles etc.