Indrek's "Functional Half Guard" broken down into sections for download


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Oct 15, 2005
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I'm sure most of you are already familiar with Indrek Reiland's free half guard instructional from Google videos. I saved the file as an MP4, converted it to AVI, then split it into smaller sections as WMVs to make it easier to browse through the sections.

So far, I've got the first half converted to WMVs. This covers basic positioning and the bottom game (defenses, sweeps, etc). I'm hoping to get the 2nd part converted and split up tomorrow. It covers passing half guard and countering many of the techs taught in the first section.

Here's the RapidShare link to download the first batch. It's a zip file containing 6 WMV files. It's 58 MB in size with the individual videos being between 5MB - 13MB each.

Here's the material covered in each video:

Basic Positioning
Stay on your side
Paw and under-hook
Cross-face and flatten (top guy)
Isolation drill: paw vs cross-face

Triangling the legs
Returning to closed guard
Isolation drill: adding the guard return

Double paw
Defending the brabo choke
Isolation drill: adding the double paw
Isolation drill: adding the wedge

Behind the back arm trapping + sweep
Isolation drill: adding the arm trapping
Discussion on teaching basic positions and isolated drills

Two ways of taking the back
1. Stretch the under-hook
2. Exploding crunch
Toe grab sweep
Isolation drill: adding the toe grab sweep

Sweeps off the wedge
Going out the back door
Grab pants sweep
When to teach half guard, the more advanced games and the basics
i get the chopping up and stuff, but converting to WMV? why would you do that?
cant wait to watch it. For some odd reason, my Mozilla hates compressed internet files.
i get the chopping up and stuff, but converting to WMV? why would you do that?

Smaller file size. An AVI that was 30+ MB compressed down to 6MB as a WMV.

If you want it in a different format, just let me know. I can convert it and upload it as well. Or if you want the original AVI's, I can upload them as well.
Here's part 2. I may not get a chance to finish the entire section on passing today. So I decided to take the first half of the second part and upload them now.

Here's the link:

Basic goal - cross-face and turning out
Safety position 1
- down by hips to negate the under-hook
- pinching knees to prevent guard return
- cupping elbow to negate the paw
- head in shoulder to flatten them out
Isolation drill: safety position 1
Importance of head position

Brabo choke

Safety position 2
Why not to kill the paw with a knee
Isolation drill: safety positions and whizzer

Basic goals in detail
- Cross-face
- Turning out
- Hand on hip
Glad to help. I know how much this tutorial helped me out when I first found it and I wanted to find a way to make it easier to download and be able to watch the individual sections easier.

Here's the last section:

Gi Grips
- Shoulder lockdown
- Face covering

Passing off their bridge

Passing to mount
Passing to side control
Passing to side control or mount
Isolation drill: passes

Hip switch pass
Isolation drill: Review of passing drills
Putting the whole passing game together
Closing and thanks