in uk where to get saku/pride t shirt


Jun 19, 2005
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seriously no way am i buying a t-shit from plus 50dollars around 22-25pounds on delivery, sureley theres a place in uk, i know u can get a lot of shootbox gear, but i hear there sizes are strange, i would love some k-1 tshirts etc, let me know if u know some good sites
Being one of the most knowledable guys in this forum, I can honestly say I don't know of any UK sellers for saku gear....

if u love saku you'll go to

love teh saku...

There is nowhere in Britain to purchase any Sakuraba merchandise. NOWHERE AT ALL.

Order online and deal with the extra charges otherwise there is NO WAY to obtain one.
No dealer options so we'll not touch it! Sorry!
it's not your fault people don't read Superbeast.

so.... where can I get a saku shirt in brittain? anybody?????

*immense sarcasm*

fair enough. just trying to be helpful.

someone advised kakuto, and i'd agree. go for them. i've bought stuff from them and they're great guys, very helpful.