In search of weight gain "diet"

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Oct 17, 2007
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Im 18 about 140 lbs around 5'10 but with like a 4-5% body fat. been training consistently for the past 3 years or so but i seem to have plateaued with my weight gain. everything is toned but i would like to put on strict muscle mass at this point. what training regimen and "diet" can help someone with an unearthly fast ****bolism like me? preferably without supplements but im open to suggestions.

edit: forgot to mention. for training regimen i'm looking mainly for upper body/back exercises
Ok ready here we go... eat as much meat and veggies as possible and drink a gallon of 2% or whole milk everyday...
Here's what everyone's going to tell you.

1. Read the FAQ's before you post, all the information you need is in there. Don't make us do the work for you.

2. This is not a bodybuilding forum, and it sure sounds like that's what you're after. You won't find many sympathetic ears here if you just want to get "huge".
just eat man. I have had girlfriends that are that tall and weigh that much. Meat and veggies is good, but at your weight, you should be able to eat whatever the hell you want. (within reason, not 3 lbs of cake). Anything calorie dense, eat it.
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