In need of a BJJ/MMA school South of Dallas,Tx


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Dec 19, 2002
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There are several towns down here starving for a good BJJ/MMA/Sub Wrestling type of school. While places North of Dallas like Plano and Richardon have black belt schools on every other block competiting for students, towns south like Desoto, Lancaster, Cedar Hill, Midtholian, Waxahachie, Ennis are all without good instruction. We don't even have a TKD McDojo. And despite what most people think, these places aren't hours away. Waxahachie is about 30 minutes from Downtown Dallas and its the Southern most of all the towns I just named.

I own a few Dollamur mats, a couple free standing heavy bags, some training gloves, focus mitts, etc. and I'm willing to donate my training gear, time and possibly some money to starting a good school in a central location (namely Waxahachie). With a good kids program or even just a BJJ and/or Kickboxing/MMA program, there is money to be made down here for an enterprising instructor. We just need someone willing to make the drive to bring the expertise. Anyone know of anyone?
felipe espinoza
go to and go to the forums, he would probably take a shot at it.

i may be on a job in burleson for 5 weeks, if so i would provide free training for any that want to train in order for me to have some where to train. i would need somewhere to teach at though.
i can teach bjj gi but my no gi skills arent so hot, i never really do it.
i can teach some boxing and self defense techniques also if wanted.
pm me if i can help you any
I can participate. I won't be able to teach, but I would be glad to be a tapping dummy.
hopefully i will get to go to that job, if not try the forums for someone
You shoudl contact Buddy clinton, I think he teaches around there.
i got a private with buddy a while back, he is in the dfw area somewhere
Guardpasser, thanks for the info. How long will you be around? What kind of schedule would you be able to do?

I have talked to Felipe a bit about this, but he just opened a school in Dallas and I think he is rooted there now. Last I heard Buddy opened a school in Southlake which is a good ways from Waxahachie.

Bob, are you local? Looking to train?

About me, I've done TKD, Japanese JJ and Judo over the years before getting into BJJ/MMA training. For that I've trained at Mohler's, Orlando's and at Carlos' schools a bit. So I'm not completely new to the training. I could start a class/club on the basics of BJJ/MMA, but it wouldn't be terribly long before I was out of things to teach. I'd rather help a local instructor start a school if possible, but might just end up having to go the club route and learning/teaching from tapes and books if that doesn't turn out to be possible. Any leads on an insutrctor would be great. Thanks.
I live in the mid-cities area, about 20-30 minutes from Waxahachie. I do train, but my schedule only allows 2-3 days a week. I have been at it for a little over 3 months. I would like to supplement it more.
Bob, where do you train now?

Gaurdpasser, are you still out there?
Something may be working out on this deal. PM me if you would be interested in attending a BJJ school in Waxahachie.