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Mar 20, 2008
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This is my face. Taken yesterday at my daughters birthday. Figured since I will be around here more and quite a few of you will be stopping by the gym in the near future I would share.
Your son needs a haircut.

Nah I'm just playing, happy birthday to her!
*Uploads photo to assassin website*

Happy birthday to your kiddie
Hahaha, assasins huh. Thanks, she had a great day!
I'll mention it if nobody else will. Are you wearing an Affliction shirt on your daughters birthday? Nothing says Happy Birthday like a shirt with flaming skulls on it.

Happy Birthday to your daughter. She looks like she was having fun.
Haha, no its a "Miami Ink" t-shirt, 5 bucks at wal-mart lol.

She had a blast.
Hey! Happy B-Day! How old is she? Only kid?
Hahaha Not Dana or Bass, just foliclely challenged.

She is five now, and she is my one and only. Only blood relativwe actually, as I was adopted. At this point in my life I highly doubt I will have anymore.

She starts climbing next week:)
Bas White? Dana Rutten? The tats must be explained, with meanings and dates acquired. Forum rules.

Cute kid, Vedic!
Hahaha. OK the tat with three caligraphy symbols is 1. Top one means mid level zen student middle one is "reality" third one is "love" the other one in Seal ****** caligraphy on my arm say "I stand upright against the wind, yet I bow humbly when neccessary" I also have a military unit tat that can't be seen . The long one was my birthday present this past December
I think you look more like Wilson Gouveia than Bas or Dana.
looking at the thumbnail i honestly thought Bas as well... :redface:

Cute girl, looks like she had a good birthday, what did you guys do?
Went water skiing and played at my parents cabin. Mainly hung out as a family. We all like that:)

Other than that, we spoiled her with love
Hahaha, I don't see the resemblance you guys do, but I will take it as a compliment:)
I think you look more like Wilson Gouveia than Bas or Dana.

Now that I looked again...Vedic does look more like Wilson Gouveia.
I am more handsome:) and no double yellows, that isn't fighter bashing!