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Oct 28, 2006
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My first post to this part of the board. Howdy guys :)

I made a bet at the beginning of the month that I could lose 25 pounds in one month. It's a 50 dollar bet that I sure hate to lose. I've done real good in my opinion but am still a tad short. The last day of the month is obviously Monday and I am around 5 pounds shy of the goal. Basically I've lost somewhere between 19 and 20 pounds as of right now. I was really trying to really lose a "Real" 25 pounds, no water depletion or anything but am seeing thats not going to be possible I guess.

I have never cut weight before and have read several articles on it, but still feel unsure. Being I only have one shot to get it right I hate to blow my chance with a last minute mess up. Please anyone, give me all the advice you got. I am leary of taking a laxative since I do need to be at work on Monday. I have no access to a sauna and the weather here isn't that hot to work up a great sweat easily. Obviously I will have to work past that but thought I may get some great tips here.

If possible I'd love to come in lighter than the 25 pounds just to make sure. Any advice at all will be extremely appreciated! Thanks guys.
Put a lot of clothes on and run on a treadmill. Some people making their own sweat suit by using a trash bag. Anything that gets you sweating will help you. Just remember to not drink water before weigh ins. What you sweat out could come back as soon as you drink something.

Also, I woulddn't resort to laxatives just for a bet.
there is a good weight cutting thread in the conditions faq's, by a product like fibresure or benefibre to help you take a nice dump. also try a product like dandelion root. i had to cut weight for a fight a little while ago, and i can say from experience that those products work well. no carbs after breakfast till the weigh in's, just veggies and lean protein
Thanks folks. I really appreciate the feedback. I am going for the exercise and sweat it out approach I guess. I am fixing to go buy one of those plastic suit things and try and sweat it all out through exercise. Thanks for your time answering my questions.

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