I'm going to be in the Toledo/Detroit Area

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I'm going to by south detroit and toledo areas next week. I'm looking for some place to do some training for a week that isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. I heard one of the Ribero brothers has some school out that way, any info would be great.

I train with Saulo and Xande (Ribeiro brothers). They have a school in the Toledo and Detroit area. Are you moving here or just visiting? Anyway Johil d'o gave you Saulo's website. They are excellent teachers.

go to the ribeiros for sure.
i only hope one day we will get a job near there
what kind of company do you work for, guardpasser, that has you traveling so often?
i am a general supt. for a water tower company, we build the concrete pedestal style.
i started a thread earlier with a list of the places i have been in the last two years since i started traveling, very extensive, hopefully some people can use the list and get with me when they go to an area that one of the schools are in, i can give some info on them
I'm just visiting right now. I might make a move over here in August.
I was going to go to Toledo to train, but they charge a $40 drop in fee. No Thx:(