I'm confused, why won't my body put it on?


Dec 31, 2004
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Ok, I just don't get it. I just consumed 1169 calories and 62.3 grams of fat, all from Dorito's just this moment. Yet I some how manage to still weigh 120lbs, even though I consider that a somewhat light snack. I don't really do much exercise either and that's the kind of eating habits I have. I've been through a tub of Ben & Jerry's too today.

Why won't my body put on the all the fat?
You have a fast metabolism/skinny genetics. Someday, it will probably catch up to you and you will start get love handles or a gut. Or, maybe it won't and you'll be able to eat whatever you want and still maintain that whole "Icabod Crane" thing you got going on. The question you should be asking is, why am I eating this shit? Just because you're skinny, doesn't mean you're healthy.
The other side of the coin is you will always be skinny/weak. You can also put down the doritos and pick up a barbell and will see the same results: nothing.

Have you looked over your diet, i.e how many calories/day you eat?

Sometimes you can get the idea that you eat more than you think.
Get a foodlog and see how much you really eat over a kobger period of time.

When I was younger, I thought I was a hardgainer, thaught I ate a lot of food, but looking back now, I realize that I didnt eat so much, I didnt eat much consistently every day of the week.

fore fat people its the opposite, the always think they eat less then they do...
Try eating food that your body will actually integrate. Couple a better diet with heavy lifting and you should start to see results. I used to be the same way, 6' and 140lbs, scrawny, weak, and I thought I was a hard gainer. Once I started eating lots of really nutritious stuff really often (every 3 hrs) and lifting heavy I put on weight quickly. Protein shakes really helped me out with having stacked meals.
"Hardgainer" = another word for skinny kids who eat like shit and lift like babies.
ok, you just ate all that crap.
What else did you eat today?
Cuz if that's all you ate, you would be losing weight on that.
and probably your teeth hair and whatnot.