I'm bringing someone to class today


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May 15, 2007
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Any tips on making their first day better? Things to explain? Techniques to start them off with?

....or leave it to your instructor. And if you are the instructor and still don't know, then there are problems....
Tap early, and ask friends to let him start in their guard (there's always people looking to work on guard stuff with greenhorns).
spar hard and go for pressure points. any weakness is yours for the taking!
Yes definately some advice and I think this is sooooooo overlooked by teachers for new students....

Explain WHY he is doing everything and what position he is trying to get to!!

EX. has the guard and you are doing an armbar, thats fine teach him and let him practice but make sure he knows that from the guard he is either looking to sweep or submit and that the guy inside the guard is going to be looking to sit up and escape and get to his side mount. WAY too often I see new people put on a drill and they have NO CLUE why they are doing it or how it is going to help them.

You will capture his interest much more if he understand WHY he is doing everything not just WHAT he is doing! Good luck!
make him stay on bottom north/south for the whole class
Bottom N/S lol thats terrible...

Just teach him to listen and not be so close minded...and let him know that its normal to tap 12 times/class as a newcomer
BREATHE!!! pace him/her self to conserve energy and try to make it through the class, tap early and often
Well he had a good time. He only did no gi, and learned a few takedowns and some counters. The last 20 minutes or so were open mat, and I showed him a bunch of moves. Then we rolled a little bit. I'd put him in a shitty situation and then show him how to get out of it.