I'll have 4 guys in a huge MMA show!


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Sep 24, 2004
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Night of the Gladiators is gonna be a huge MMA show in Romania, put together by Todd Medina. Live on our 2nd biggest national tv station, in a big venue, with great competitors: Michael McDonald, Rick Roufus, Todd Medina, Alexandru Lungu (romanian Pride and Cage Rage fighter) etc. Bob Sapp will attend the event. I'm training 5 guys for this fight:

- Eugen Preda (on the maincard) is an amazing athlete. Multiple national champion in wrestling. Lots of world titles in different MA like kempo, wushu etc. This last weekend he won 3 golds and 2 silver in the Kempo World Championship. He's training JJ with us for a year and a half and last year won his division and the Absolute at the romanian JJ national championship. He's a 2 stripes blue belt now.
- Anatolie Ciumac (on the maincard) is a greco wrestler. Multiple national champion, 1,95 m and 125 kilos of pure strength. He's training on and off for a year JJ with us.
- Ferid Ibrahim (on the undercard), grappling wise is 100% my team's (Absoluto/RGDA) product. He made his debut one month ago in a small MMA show here. He already has been requested to fight in different countries. He's very good both grappling (2 stripes blue belt) and striking.
- Adrian Preda (on the undercard) is Eugen's brother. Great grappling and striking skills. He's training JJ with us for 4 month now.

The last guy, who will not represent our team, but is training JJ with us for a month now is Catalin Zmarandescu. He is a big star in Romania. Lots of titles in wrestling, kickboxing, muay thai, kempo etc.

I also want to thank Caged Steel MMA fightwear (www.cagedsteel.com) who is going to sponsor our fighters!

Wish us luck!
hey guys im from tudors camp ,ferid ibrahim :) ,this is my fight from the event tudor was talking about.

ABSOLUTO/RGDA Meciul lui Feri la Noaptea Gladiatorilor

the guy I fought is shawn davis from Lions Den ,i believe he was undefeated in mma before this and has been training for a very long time.I was supposed to fight somebody weaker since this was my pro debut but they changed my opponet a few days from the competition,but i still fought and it was good :)
the fight is 90% grappling and no feedback in a grappling forum... ?