If you could choose anyone to be your coach


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Oct 20, 2005
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who would you choose? I mean your private grappling coach.
To me obvious answer would be Rickson but I think that he
For grappling, I would like to have somebody like Jacare maybe.

Randy for an all around coach though.
Bas, his style is kind of like mine (only my technique is infinetly inferior) so I guess I'd learn the most stuff which I could actually use in a competition. I would also like to train my takedowns and wrestling with Randy though.
Bas because he's cool, plus he reads the forums sometimes so he might se my post and invite me to train with him...

I guess I'd better add Eddie Bravo, too.
There are so many aspects of MMA that have to be covered. These are my picks

Submissions- Royce Gracie (Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Torrance, California)
Ground and Pound- Mark Coleman (Hammerhouse in Columbus, Ohio)
Striking- John Hackleman (SLO Kickboxing in San Luis Obispo, California)
All around- Marco Ruas (Ruas Vale Tudo in Laguna Beach California)
for me it would be a toss up between Randy Couture, Fedor Emelianenko, and Frank Mir
Bas for sure, I like very much his ground style.
I'm quite happy with the instructors i have at the moment
Grappling - Sperry or Bustamante
Striking - I don't like kicks, so i would choose Tyson.
that's a really good question, Bas Rutten or Eddie Bravo, Sperry or Nogueira...there's tons, but honestly, I'm involved more in sub tournys than MMA even though a train to compete in both, so i guess someone who leans more towards submission wrestling rather than MMA, the btt guys , if we're talking just instructors, im gonna have to go with bas rutten, if you see his big dvds then you can see just how much he knows, even in the way of submissions he knows so much that the information would be amazing, i would like to take some prvates from rampage though
it would be cool for one of the machado brothers to be a coach i think that would be cool i can't think of hist first name but he was born with a partial hand he was like the 4th brother from the machado family and gracie is his uncle. can some body tell me his first name.

for stand up, even i would love to train muay thai, and even tho kit cope is not good in the ufc, i would love for him to coach me in muay thai.

boxing i would like suger shane mosely to be my boxing coach.
wrestling-dan gable
submissions-frank mir or nogeria
mma stand up-cro cop or bas
Royce comes to a school in Moreno Valley too. I don't go there, but I plan on it when I do decide to join a BJJ gym. For standup I would say Chuck or Vitor because he's so quick. Wrestling I would have to say any of the guys from Team Quest or Koscheck since he was All American.
I will go with Sapp the Armbar he did on Takyama is the fastest and the most technical armbar in the history of MMA