If the Wasteland is the new OT....

Martin VanBuren

Mar 13, 2008
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could the Heavyweight threads get dumped somewhere else? I'm fine with our posts not counting anymore but all these UFC threads mixed in with off topic threads gets annoying.

If not could we get our own wastelandish forum for off topics only? thanks
I don't believe the wasteland is the new OT. The wasteland is the wasteland.
So what did happen to the OT section?

I'm not a regular here, but just got on to post something pretty funny there and low and behold, it has vanished.

Anyone have any clues as to why? I always thought that was a pretty cool place.

People were atleast 27 thousand times more mature there than the HW's.

Any forum should be taken down, it is the Zuffa, I mean HW forum.
Someone PMed me once and asked if they could make OTish type threads in the wasteland. I said it wouldn't seem to be a problem. However, all these chat threads are really annoying and make the forum look like crap.