If GGG moves up 1 weight class and fights

Blue Mercury

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Feb 13, 2011
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Carl Froch. Who win?

GGG has the potential. He has plenty of power at 160 and he holds amateur wins over top 10 168ers Bute and Dirrell. But Froch is the proven commodity and he has at least a half dozen, maybe a dozen, wins on his pro resume that are better than anyone GGG has beat. I would have to favor Froch heavily at this point.
Froch man GGG hasn't even fought anybody of note yet
Interesting match up, Froch loves a good brawl and always gets the upperhand when it turns into one

Couldnt pick a winner between the two but I will say Ward is the only one in the division that can soundly defeat Froch

No one else can do to Froch what Ward did, GGG would be at a significant size disadvantage
I'd go with froch to win. we'd have to see something from GGG from a skill standpoint that he hasnt shown yet. Dont think he could just walk down froch like he'll do to rosado