If Aldo beats Edgar how about Aldo vs Melendez?


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Jan 4, 2012
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As the title says...

Jose Aldo has said that if he wins in dominant fashion he will probably move up to LW (with the go ahead from Andre)

That means he's a top contender at LW right? He has to be. Should this mean he goes in front of the Pettis/Cerrone winner in the queue for LW title shot? I hope not, Pettis/Cerrone winner deserves the next shot.

Then there's Melendez, a battle against Miller was suggested in another thread and it would be great but how about...

Bendo vs Pettis/Cerrone winner
Jose Aldo vs Gilbert Melendez for #1 contender spot
i like the fight but i hate knocking off fresh new contenders by matching them up vs one another too soon...id rather them both fight other guys and get seperate paths to the title w/ the hopes they meet each other for the belt after its all said and done...
I know it would be a great matchup, but what purpose would this serve? Both guys are legitimate challengers.
if aldo beats frankie and moves to lw, he should get immediate title shot (in my opinion)
I dont even think melendez and aldo should fight for the #1 contender spot...both should fight at least twice before a title shot. Especially with the LW talent pool.
Wait, is Donald really getting a title shot if he wins?
Wait, is Donald really getting a title shot if he wins?

I could see it, as their first two fights didn't happen in the UFC. I think Henderson beats him handily, however, and would rather see Pettis (if he wins against Cerrone) or Melendez if Cerrone beats Pettis.
If Aldo impressively beats Edgar, then he deserves an immediate title fight at LW IMO.

It will be interesting to see how that plays out if Pettis wins, and Aldo moves up. Gil has a pretty good claim to an immediate shot too.
Diego just moved to lightweight...

Yikes! Joes Aldo vs Diego Sanchez? Would be fun. Not for diego who knows.
I wanna see Bendo vs. Melendez and then if Gilbert loses and decides to drop to FW, so be it...
no i think its if pettis beats donald then pettis gets the shot but if donald beats pettis then melendez would most likely get the shot.

This is pretty much what Dana has said...although if Aldo decides to move up immediately, could pretty much throw a wrench in everything so they can put on the "superfight"
I would like to see him go up against Nate Diaz or Jim Miller. IF he can pull out a win. He is ready to take on the LW division.