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Apr 1, 2005
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Howdy All,

I was just letting you all know that I won my MMA fight Saturday night. I won in one min and 30 seconds of the first round via an arm bar from his back. He was a kick boxer from Spain with little ground skills. I however am fair on my feet and a little better on the ground. I did my Matt Hughs impression and picked him up in a double leg in his corner of the cage and carried him over to mine and as I tried to slam him he started to wrap his legs around me so I could really slam him right and lost my balance a little and when I slammed him I went face first into the fence. It didn't really hurt but my forehead tells a different story. After that I had the mount for a moment and pinned an arm down with a knee. I reared back for a really hard punch and let it fly. Then he turned his head and I punched him dead in the side of his throat pretty hard, that was not my intention. Then he rolled and I had my hooks in for his back but he had my head around the side in a head lock punching me in the face as you can tell by the picture. Eventually I pushed on the elbow and pulled my head out and had total control of his back for a short while. I then went for a rear naked choke but it wasn't jiving and I switched to an arm bar from the back. I fought my little pasty ass off for that arm bar and I finally got it as we rolled to our bellies. That was it, I should have a video of it before to long that I can post. I posted this in this fourm becuase I view my self as more of a grappler, plus I won with a sub. Thanks for looking.

Heres my pasty face after the fight.

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congrats, where was the fight? where do you train?
Good work! You're right your face does tell a different story, but fuck it...you got the "W".

Your forehead looks like a razor got to it. Good job in your victory.
Sorry I forgot that stuff.

It was in Kansas City. The Organization was Adrenaline Extreme Combat (adrenalineextremecombat.com) and I believe it was sanctioned by the ISKA. I train in Topeka Kansas with my best bud and Training partner Chris Jones. Our team is "Team Extreme" I know really orginal. It wasn't my idea. This was my 6 fight and my record is now 3-3. I'm batting 500 now so I'm happy about that. 2 of my 3 loses really piss me off because I was just being a dumb kid and I didn't train at all before the fight and I went out there and just gassed late in the fight. I feel I could have won those fights if I had trained. Thats neither here nor there though.

As for a fight tag I didn't really know how to go about it before plus I never post anything to much but if an admid sees this and would like to give me a tag that would be awesome.

heres a link to my last fight in may, when I get this new one I'll post a link to it.

I'm the guy in the black trunks

that was a sweet double in the video. how old are you? any pro fights?
I'm 21 and have been fighting since 18. I started out in Karate when I was 12 or so and Grappling when I was 16. I don't have any pro fights because I don't know if I'm ready and I didn't have any real close pro shows. However they have just legalized pro shows in MO. So I will have an opprotunity to fight pro semi locally but I don't think I'll be ready anytime soon for that leap up.

Bye the way thank you all for the kind words. I just wanted to share my expierence with people who would know what the hell I'm talking about.
Very nice fight clip. Congrats on your new win.

You should contact TJ Thompson or ICON and send him some videos when you are ready for Superbrawl or Icon fights whatever it is called. Unfortunately for whatever reason that organization really likes to have fighters from Hawaii, fight fighters from the Mainland USA. If you could deal with stupid comments from the "fans" you could make some cash.

Just a thought but I liked that video of your fight and wish you all the best.
Congrats man! I can't see the vid at work so I'll check it out tonight.
Nice one, even if it does look like the cage was the real winner.
dang nice take down so what kind of grappling do u do and did u have wrestliing experience?
You have posted before right? I remember you posting that vid before. lol at "don't roll him, armbar him" when his guy is being mounted by you.
It looks like you guys fought "Kickboxer" style with the glass on the knux.
how the frig was that kid supposed to armbar you while you had him mounted? that dude was an idiot...