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I won the Title fight!!!!!!!


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Apr 1, 2005
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Howdy all,

I told you all I had a fight tonight for the lightweight title for the adrenaline extreme combat organization. This was hands down the hardest fight of the 7 that I have had. This guy was freakishly strong. He slammed me really hard one time. He stood up in an armbar and I thought I was going to hyperextend his arm but I didn't he just did a little bi cep curl and picked me up off the floor. Then he just shook until I started to slide down. I got on his back and almost sunk in a rear naked choke. I worked on this choke for what seemed like ever. I got to the point where I thought if I squeezed with all my might I may get him to tapout. So I squeezed his neck / jaw as hard as I could. He was weezing but nothing. It wasn't close enough. The first round was over. I pretty much blew my load and was very tired going in to the second round. Most of it is a blur except me on the ground getting my ass kicked. He was on top just pounding on me. I was so tired I couldn't do much other than try to hold him down and cover up. Eventually I got his back again. I went for the rear naked again and then I figure four my leggs around him. I then started to arch my back creating a spine lock of sorts. To top this off I don't quite have the RNC, so instead of worrying about chocking him out I turn his head. So I have him in a spine lock and I'm componding it by twisting him at the same time. He tapped. I was thankful and laid face first on the mat. I was freaking tired. I pulled out a win though. I got the title and $500. Talk about an awesome night. Plus my face doesn't look to bad. lol

Heres some pics

The guy on the right is the gentlemen that I fought.


Coming out to the fight


With the belt in the cage.


Brad from Tuf season 2.


Curtis Stout and me


A bunch of people from work


The girlfriend and $500 bucks.


Thanks for looking
Man... you are so high in those pictures
congrats. looks like a night to remember.
fuck ya. good job bro seems like an awesome night for u. i advise never taking the belt off. its part of u now.
Very humble attitude towards your own victory, that is admirable. Thanks for a good post.
Congratulations, good effort :)

Is there any chance of seeing a vid of the fight or even some pics?
Congrats man definately sounds like you earned the belt...no fraek KO or nothin...and the fact that your so damn humble makes me even more proud of ya...good job
Congratulations! I am very happy for you, good luck with your career
Excellent work. I echo the praise for the humbleness pointed out by others.