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Discussion in 'Boxing Discussion' started by MMAfan007, Jun 12, 2008.

  1. MMAfan007

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    of boxing champs from the early days and thought boxing history fans would know the answer to my question. Why isn't Gentleman Jim Corbett wearing pants (part 1 at 0:17)? Increased mobility?

    Anyway, I thought I would post it for people who enjoy films about the early days of the sport. You have probably all seen it, but if you haven't here is part one:

    YouTube - Legendary Champions 1882-1929 part 1
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    It looked like he was wearing a cross between sumo diapers and speedos :redface:

    Either way, he really did introduce Science into the fight game. Psychology. As soon as some schlub meat-gazes he socks 'em :icon_lol:

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